13 comments on “Texting While Driving or Direspect at the Wheel!

  1. I agree 100% with you, texting while driving is becoming an increasing menace to society! Since I work at the SAAQ, I deliver quite a bit of probationnary licenses to drive to a lot of 16-17 year olds. I’m not singling them out because of their age, but because I can decipher their lack of maturity and understanding of full safety behind the wheel. So many of them are in a rush to leave with the keys and hit the open road, but they have no idea what driving alone is like, and they are more prone to have poor judgement, by checking their phones. I have no idea of what the driving schools are teaching the kids, but they should really put an emphasis on texting and driving. It’s very important for them to understand that it’s one of the most dangerous activity behind the wheel, after drunk driving.

    Here is a little anecdote : I was on the 470 once, when I spotted a teenager (girl) texting at the wheel, looking all cool. i felt kind of shitty, since I have my license and still take the bus LOL! But as soon as the bus turned onto St-Jean, i saw the girl get pulled over by a cop for texting! She was for sure on her probation (meaning she had just 4 points), she would of lost 3! I was happy to be on the bus after!

    • Getting thier licence at 16-17 is too young! I was against it when my son got his at 17,and then his first car 3 months later. There is not a day that I don’t think about him driving his car! He is 22 now,with new car and my feelings still hasn’t changed! Too too many bad drivers out there.But like you, “I am just a bus driver!”

  2. Maturity has no bearing on age.

    I see too many adults texting while driving..

    Don’t mistake too much energy for lack of maturity. If people my age had the energy of a teen, you would see adults acting just as nuts as some teens do.

  3. The problem is not the teens or any other age group . The real problem is a very big lack of RESPECT. A person changes totally as soon as he or she is behind the wheel. And not for the better. On a side road with a little over 50, it can be fatal but still less than on the high way. I drive from Mtl to Vaudreuil every day and back at night. My motto is : the higher the price of gas , the slower i drive( still respecting the speed limit). Now every day i m doing 105 on the right lane and i get honked at cause i m to slow. There are 2 more lanes to the left of me, but i m to slow for some people .

  4. Lack of respect goes beyond “automobile drivers”. Cyclists are topping my list. Living in St. Lazare, we are lucky to have bicycle paths to help keep everyone safe. What I’m noticing is more and more cyclists are riding on the opposite side of the road of the bike path. Some of the roads are narrow and I’ve had to brake heavily a few times to avoid colliding with oncoming traffic while a cyclist hogs the road.

    Now I haven’t even started on the cyclists of downtown Montreal nor the motorcycle drivers who weave between lanes to advance in traffic!!!

    • Thank you for your comment…

      Cyclists are a huge problem in St. Lazare as are skateboarders. I have always thought that if one had the most to lose in an accident between a car and a bicycle, then it would behoove that person to be more careful. Yet, they rely on others for their own safety…silly beyond belief. Add a texting car driver and you have a recipe for disaster.

      As for respect, have you noticed that everyone wants respect yet very few want to give it?


      • JimJIm you would go crazy of the amount of cyclists downtown! You honk to get thier attention, so that they are aware of your presents on the road….and guess what? They flip you the bird!! RESPECT!!! like you,”I am just a bus driver”

      • \for cyclists, they don’t want to get it…..if you have the most to lose in a crash between them and a car, then they should be WAY more careful!

  5. You wouldn’t read a book or type a letter while driving, so why would you text while driving? I take the bus every morning during rush hour and it is unbelievable how many people (young and old) I see texting while driving. It is unbelievable how some people are willing to risk their lives and the lives of others without a second thought.


    • The worst I have ever seen….Talking on cell while eating a sandwich with dog on lap….takes a special kind of idiot for that!

  6. I totally agree, texting while driving is extremely dangerous. My son is 12 and i see him texting with his friends and it is the communication of today rather than picking up the phone and actually having a conversation. In 4 years, he will be behind the wheel and i hope by then he will be scared shitless to even try to text and drive!

    another thing that truly pisses me off are the radio stations…most people listen to the radio and these damn contests that they have force people to TEXT or call while driving. Obviously people want to win that prize or just get through to be on the radio….its dangerous and how many people truly pull over to call the radio station??

    but what do i know…i am just the bus drivers friend.

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