2 comments on “Ladies! Time To Reclaim Your Vaginas!

  1. Jimmy,

    I’m going to start with religion; religion is generally a choice. If muslim women are told to cover up, they will. If I was religious, and told that I would go to some form of hell for doing ‘x’, I just wouldn’t do ‘x’. Religion here in North America, especially for the Christian faith has been on the decline for many many years now. In fact, of all my friends, perhaps a handful max go to church or synagogue.

    The whole “save yourself till marriage” isn’t practiced anymore, Jimmy. Parents of this day and age don’t preach chastity, they preach protected sex. Also, even for those who “save” themselves till 18-20 are nervous to try it (generally by the fear of either getting pregnant or it hurting), but get over the worry after the first few times.

    Unfortunately, there is the double standard where men who have sex are players and girls who do the same are “easy” or they “put out”. But I don’t heard these comments anymore. Sex becomes the norm once you’re 17+. In fact, anyone who hasn’t had sex is considered the strange one.

    So, Jimmy, I consider this blog entry a little outdated. If not, then really only applies to the very religious or early highschoolers.


    • Josh
      Thanks for the comment!

      Quebec is pretty easygoing concerning sex…but in the US and parts west of Saskatchewan, religion plays a major role in the day to day of life females. Then there are parts of the world where women are treated very poorly. Being a sexual female and outgoing about it in these areas is not a recipe for being well recieved. The world is bigger than our little nook of the world. I agree that in this area it may be an outdated blog, but not for everywhere.

      Religion is NOT a choice, it is an indoctrination.

      Trust me, the double standard is there.


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