4 comments on “The Habs Biggest Mistake of the last 35 years.

  1. I agree with you Jimjim!!! Bowman was the reason Canadiens won so many Championships!!! trading Lafleur was a mistake!! The Habs would still be in a winning today if bowman was at the helm!! good Blog jimJim!!…..so am I …….just a bus driver!!!!

  2. Bravo Jimmy….Well said or should I say well wriiten , to this day it will always remain a mystery as to why Bowman was not chosen to succeed Pollock and I guess we will never know. Well done Jimbo !

  3. 100% right, Jimmy. The success of Bowman in the teams he coached after the Habs, his induction in the Hall of Fame and the failing success of the Habs after he left proved that he was the Best Coach along with Toe Blake. Great Blog, Jimmy. I love it!

  4. Very good Jim-Jim, well written and enjoyed reading it. Now lets just hope that we stop making mistakes and bring home a Stanley Cup just like we did back in the 80s.
    we lost too many good players and seems when we do they excel in other teams.

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