3 comments on “My review of CJAD..Montreal’s news talk station.

  1. I’m in Montreal for just a few days visiting my sister. And she got me onto this site. CJAD fired me shortly after Gord Sinclair died, and the two events were probably connected. Gord was very tough on the independence of on air commentators. Somebody in management strongly disapproved of my views, and wanted me gone. But Gord would never allow that. Once he died, my days were numbered.

    However, I have a web site down home in New Brunswick. It’s called The Decarie Report. It began as a criticism of the dreadful quality of New Brunswick newspapers – all owned by the Irving family which also owns much of New Brunswick and all the politicians. It’s since expanded to cover world news as well.

    Mind you the Irving papers, though dreadfully bad, are becoming average as the others get much worse. I was astonished today to see a copy of The Gazette. That has really done down hill.
    Graeme Decarie

  2. Just visiting montreal, and caught your site. I can give you a fuller account of why I was fired. It’s linked with talks on current events I gave at the Eleanor London Library for 15 years to audiences of 250 to 300. I was well known in the Jewish community even when, as I occasionally did, I criticized Israel. My audiences, almost entirely Jewish, commonly agreed with me.
    But a senior man (owner?) of the Cote St. Luc News was not pleased. He was a prominent member of the so-called Israeli lobby, a group financed by Israel to ensure that North Americans never hear criticism of Israel – not matter how mild.
    He made it a point to replace me at the library – but he didn’t last. (I learned that from staff at the library.) He was too obviously a propagandist. He also replaced me at CJAD and, again, I’m quite sure CJAD did it in response to his demands. Gord would never have permitted that. But when Gord died, it was a different game. Again, he didn’t last on CJAD, either.
    If you want the real news on Israel, you have to go to an Israel newspaper (on the web). It’s called Haaretz, and it’s one of the best newspapers in the world – far superior to all commercial papers in North America.
    (don’t punch reply – this isn’t my computer. If you want to reply, the easiest thing to do is to send a comment to graemedecarie1@gmail.com. I shall be back home some time about the 27th)

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